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วันจันทร์ที่ 19 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2557

Sakkawan Temple at Phu Khum Khao (Dinosaur Museum)

Sirindhorn Dinosaur Fossil Museum

In Kala "Silk": A Passport To Kalasin", which is a little book printed in June 2007 by The Center For The Eradication Of  Poverty (CTEP) in Kalasin Province, this precise information was mentioned.

 For the archeological enthusiast, the abbot of the temple found prehistoric bones in about 600 different places and was able to reconstruct the bodies of 7 dinosaurs in this area.


 As a tribute as well as to examine the findings, the government built a research
center to study the dinosaur remains.


The name Dinosaur Museum is now changed to Sirindhorn Museum to encourage cooperation and support among those who have deeply engrossed with the history of these gigantic reptiles.