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วันอังคารที่ 3 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2557

Educational Administration In Kalasin : Episode 1

Today we will look at the educational administration in Kalasin using the structural functionalism as our framework to analyze the existing system.
The Education Management in Kalasin follows the principle of centralization of power because almost all educational entities are closely linked to and controlled by the center - the Ministry Of Education. The Office of Basic Education Commission or OBEC in Bangkok, which is under the Ministry of Education, controls aspects of educational administrations in Kalasin.
Regarding physical structure, Kalasin is divided into three primary education area offices looking after educational administration in nurseries and primary schools in each service area. The Secondary Education Commission Office Area 24 (SESA 24) oversees all secondary schools in the province. Vocational education administration is also under the centralization of power. It supervises various institution in this field, such as technical college, polytechnic institutions, vocational colleges and the College of Fine Arts and Drama of Kalasin.
All of these institutions, except the College of Fine Arts and Drama, are under the administration of The Commission for Vocational Education in the Ministry of Education.

Three higher education institutions or universities in Kalasin are under the control and supervision of the Commission For Higher Education in Bangkok. A Buddist university has set up an extension in the province to keep pace with secular education too. Its administration has been under the Ministry of Education and is also under tight control by the Sangha administration.
Informal and non-formal education for those who are not able to further their studies in the formal educational system managed by the Informal and Non-Formal Education Department under the Ministry of Education.
 There are also schools under the administration of local governments in the province. Seven primary schools located in Kalasin town were set up and had managed by the Kalasin Municipality, which is a local self-government. The other 11 primary schools which are extended to cover the needs for secondary education services in their area are under the administration of Kalasin Provincial Administration Organization (PAO). It is important to note that Tambon Organizations and rural area municipalities aka Sub-district Municipalities, throughout the province have set up their kindergartens to cater for children in their locality and their vicinity.
Private educational administration in the region is under The Primary Education Commission Area Office #1.
. From the analysis above you can have a rough sketch of education in a far province and gain a better understanding of the present structure of educational administration in Kalasin.
When we meet next time, I will throw some light on the functions of educational administration in Kalasin.