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วันจันทร์ที่ 2 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2557

Yaku in Kalasin, Is it a senoir monk or just a kind of dessert?

Phra That Yaku, a Davaravadi stupa dating back to 23rd - 14th century Buddhist Era, is situated in Ban Sema, Kamalasai District, Kalasin Province. It is about 19 kilometers from town center. People believed the relic of a revered Buddhist monk were inside. It measures 10 meters long and 10 meters wide. At it apex it is 8 meters. It is the largest chedi within the ancient city of Fah Daed Song Yang, which appears in the provincial slogan or the highlight of the province. The brick, octagonal chedi bears traces of overlapping constructions during three ancient periods. The indented square base, facing north, south, east, and west with staircases and stucco decoration from Davaravadi period. The superimposing octagonal base is a common characteristic of chedis of the Ayuthaya period. The body and spine replicated those built in the Rattanakosin period. Boundary markers are containing low - relief depicting the life of the Lord Buddha planted around the chedi. Phra That Yaku was proclaimed an ancient monument in the Government Gazette, Volume 54, on 3 January 1937. The monument boundary covering an area of approximately 11,400 square meters was declared later in the Government Gazette in 1982.

The annual celebration has been held here from April to May. In the year of 2014, the party started yesterday, which was the Visakha Buja day. I have informed a lot of people took part in the ceremony. Some participants took part by offering free of charge meals for the general public who come to pay respect to the chedi of the Yaku or Phra That Yaku. It is not a kind of dessert At this point I hope you have already known the meaning of Yaku.It means a senior monk. How to get there? From Amphoe Mueang Kalasin aka Mueang district take High Way #214 south towards Roi Et province. At Kamalasai District turn right onto Route 2367 (Kamalasai - Nong Pan - towards Maha Sarakham). Travel along the route about 7 kilometers and make a right turn to reach your destination.