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Educational Administration In Kalasin: A functional Aspect : Episode 2

Throwing some light to an annual project management report made by The Secondary Educational Service Area (SESA) Office 24 we can view some aspects of educational administration in Kalasin Province.
In a summary report of 2013 - 2014 project management, there are 29 projects designed and implemented by the office.
They are divided into areas as follows:

 1.Personnel training;
2.Internal quality assurance;
3.Improving School-based management using six indicators;
4.Training towards AEC: A visit to a sister school;
5.Curriculum development: An appraisal of a school and local development curricula;
 6.Supervisor Training;
7.Training of Personal skills in information technology;
8.Development of the Thai language teaching methods;
9.Art and craft fair to support technical expertise;
10.Sport and game events to promote physical education;

 11. Live experiences related to principles of self-sufficiency economy; 12.Health education to fight drugs;
13.Preparation of personnel for a better child counseling and enforcing disciplinary measures in 55 schools;
14.Enhancement the papacity of officers to implement recruitment management techniques;
 15.Leadership training: Upgradingordinary assistants to excellent ones; 16.Performance management: Enhancing performance in educational administration;
17.Creating a website: A workshop on CMS;
18.Fiscal Management Improvement: A transparent and accountable school administration;
19.The "play with them" project: Are you going to bring your people to the table or the party?
20.Preparing the annual report: A final step in educational administration.

 All of these projects were implemented in one academic year using 3,000,000 Baht budget allocated from OBEC in Bangkok.  I would like to bring the following question to your attention when taking a closer look at this list of projects.
"Why is there just one project that directly focus on improving teaching methods? Project # 8 deals with the Thai language teaching methods.
I would think this project is about finding best practices for teachers to emulate when teaching Thai in secondary schools. Would it be surprising for you to know the office is still in search of best practices in this area when we established and implemented several national curriculum since the time we had set up the Ministry of Education?
We still have not been able to perform our educational function better enough to have best practices to deliver our educational services!