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วันเสาร์ที่ 14 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2559

Maditation class from a forest monk

Sunday of May 15, 2016
After the morning prayer on the agenda at 05.00 hours, we listened to a short exciting and useful talk by the project leader on his tudong experiences. We then had a sitting meditation practice and later on took a mindful morning walk for a kilometre towards the canal in front of the centre and back. While we were making our mindful walking the monk told us how to behave ourselves - how to manage our physical positions and our minds and breaths, here and there once in a while. He spoke less but chose to emphasise critical procedures. When he came near me, he showed us how to manage our hands. He told us to take it easy by just hanging our hands down beside our body relaxingly. "Do not hold them up like that will make you feel stressed," he said."Then bring one hand to put above the other in front of your stomach". He showed us how to do it. When he placed one hand on the other, he said, "ngab (แงบ) like this". It was an impressive expression. When I followed his explanation, I was surprised to find out I was more comfortable!

After breakfast, we continued the today lesson by chanting two important prayer s. The first is on the Eight Noble Paths.The second is on the Anapanasati which is a method of meditation. Both prayers are long,  and they take times and are hard to follow.
I think we should do each prayer separately so that we can understand the concept and the details of practices more quickly, especially for senior followers.

The links below show you more details of The Noble Paths and the process of Anapanasati.