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วันพุธที่ 18 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2559

Mangala, A Discourse on Blessings :Chanting is a way of Meditation Practice

Our morning meditation began with chanting the Mangala Sutta. It is one of the techniques to gain a state of mindfulness.The principle consists of 38 necessary habits to learn and apply in daily life to receive blessings in our business and family endeavour. Phra Arjan Sawang Kalayano from Sisaket Province, who is the project leader, smartly led the chanting. 
The following website gives you the Mangala  Sutta.
After the chanting, we proceeded to a walking meditation on the route in front of the Centre as far the same distance as we took yesterday. But, in this morning, pieces of stone on the road are sharper than yesterday because of last night rain.
The monk spoke less as usual. Because he, most of the times, emphasised the action. He told us to begin the practice called " Jong krom" or walking meditation and led us to walk slowly on our routine path which is about a kilometre and back to the centre. Finally, he told us to stop and stand still for a while. Standing in front of the Centre building this morning
I was more relaxed and more peaceful than how I felt in yesterday practice. I felt the time today moved faster than yesterday. 

While we were practising our walking meditation, I heard noise from the bird that has come to follow us every morning since our first jong krom lesson, praised us in his language.The flying animal said, "Patibat Dee Laew, Patibat Dee Laew...!!!"
At the end of the session, Phra Arjan told us the right action of making a better gesture of a "wai" (ไหว้) to give thanks to the fundamental principle of the meditation before ending the morning practice. "Raise both index fingers to touch your forehead right between your eyebrows and the gesture will be a right one".

This morning we practised how to behave yourself, how to cultivate good actions - the mindful actions.
In short,we have practised many aspects of Mangala sutta.